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Meet Yvonne Blacker - Creative Director, Mini Marketing 2 Go

Trainer for SMSE's Live Marketing Training on CANVA

 Yvonne Blacker, owner of Mini-Marketing2go, is a a social media and branding expert. As an independent consultant, she provides strategic marketing and creative direction for businesses and brands. Her specialties include social media management, content production,  graphic design services, special event promotion, and more. Her online training membership group, minimarketing@home, is available via the Mini-Marketing2go Facebook page. Follow her on Instagram at @minimarketing2go.

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yvonne blacker, creative director

Canva - For the “Not so Graphic Designer” in You 

 Canva is a great network for design. An easier version of Adobe, you have opportunities to create professional-looking posts, ads and other marketing materials. We will be discussing:  

1. How to use Canva
2. Uploading Photos
3. Creating Posts
4. Investigating all the marketing opportunities  
We will do a half education and half hands-on class. Please come with an account on
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Marketing Essentials for Creatives

  •  2 hour class from Professional social media/ marketing strategists
  • 30 min Complimentary wine tasting upon arrival
  • Network with other Women in Business

$33.00 per class


Sugar Me Sweet Events MASTERMIND

Lets work on your BRAND, thru education.

Rhonda Giarratana is the owner of Sugar Me Sweet Events, an events management company offering both private and public event planning North of Boston.  Rhonda's public events offer small business owners, artists, artisans and independent consultants an opportunity to get their personal and business brand out to the public. 

 Rhonda has worked with hundreds of independent solopreneurs over the years and is looking to help them succeed by offering a community of like minded individuals interested in helping one another thrive.  One of her favorite quotes is "Work for yourself, not by yourself"  Creating a Co-Working environment around you will help you succeed on your independant journey.  

With that in mind, a Sugar Me Sweet Events Mastermind Facebook Group has been created and will be the hub for the groups interactions.  In addition to having a network of like minded individuals with whom you can bounce ideas off of, it's also the first place you will hear about the upcoming training sessions being offered.  Rhonda is working with a marketing specialist who will be offering live local training on various Digital marketing strategies for Women in Business!   

Mastermind class Bonus perks, 

if you purchase your training class ticket before the 7th of any given month you also get 

  • Access to Private SMSE Mastermind Facebook Group 
  • Being the first to hear about upcoming training classes    
  • Having your Name, Company name and Website link listed on Sugar Me Sweet 


Details on the Specific marketing classes is outlined above 

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Marketing Essentials for Creatives

 Bonus Perks

 (If  purchased by the 7th of  the month) 

  • Access to a Private Mastermind Facebook Group supplying addional free marketing content
  • First to hear about upcoming training classes    
  • Marketing of  your company name, brief description and Website link listed as a supporting member on Sugar Me Sweet

September 24 -Canva for the "Not so Graphic designer" in You

June 12 -Everything Instagram!

May 28th - Better Strategies for Facebook

April 30 Digital Marketing for Small Business