$33.00 a class

"Work for yourself, not by yourself"

Creating a Co-Working environment around you will help you succeed on your entrepreneurial  journey.  

Sugar Me Sweet Events Facebook Mastermind Group has been created and will be the hub for the groups interactions.  In addition to having a network of like minded individuals with whom you can bounce ideas off of, it's also the first place you will hear about the upcoming training sessions being offered.  

Rhonda is currently working with a Tricia White ,a marketing specialist who will be offering live local training on various Digital marketing strategies just for this group!

If you would like to be apart of this Mastermind Marketing Group you can sign up for a class for just $33.00. 

 Your Mastermind Membership includes: 

  • Access to the Private SMSE Mastermind Facebook Group
  • Being the first to hear about upcoming training classes    
  • Having your Name, Company name and Website link listed on Sugar Me Sweet Events.com as a sponsor of Sugar Me Sweet Events 
  • In the Mastermind group, you will be able to converse with other Mastermind members.  I encourage you to be active and ask questions, help answer other members questions, etc. This is an open business forum. You'll get out of it what you put into it.
  • A facilitator for the group adding topics but your encouraged to engage and create your own topics, too
  • In Q2 One in person training session during the month. (Valued at a min. of $25.00 each month) (Month Starts on the 1st ends on the last day of the calendar month) (Updates on what follows for Q3 will announced later)
  • Complimentary wine tasting before the marketing training. Should make for an informative and fun night! 

Details on the Specific marketing classes is outlined above  

Mastermind Training Series

Social Media/ Marketing Training

 Sugar Me Sweet Events  HOSTS  

MAY 28 2019 -Better Strategies for Facebook 
Learn something new about Facebook…because it’s changing everyday! Every small business should be using Facebook. This session will talk about EVERYTHING Facebook.   We will discuss:  
1. New Trends in Facebook 2019 Video and New Technology 
2. Basic Overview of Homepage and Personal Profiles What you see in your feed Importance of personal engagement 
3. Complete Overview of Facebook Business Page All the tools you should be using CTA | About Us | Banners | Templates Posts | Events | LIVE Community…just to name a few
4. Engaging with your client base
5. Strategies for better engagement
6. Facebook Boosting and Advertising
Start the year off with working knowledge of Facebook. It will make marketing that much easier.